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     "Lessons learned in solving problems in a space remain with us, giving us a leg up when it comes to creating financial systems, solutions for precision agriculture, trend analysis and failure prediction, food distribution, and utility metering and failure prediction systems."

01 / Hard Skills
  • Self-Healing Systems

  • Trusted Systems, Common Criteria and FIPS-140 (Unless otherwise specified, we conform to EAL4+ requirements in all implementations)

  • Large-Scale Distributed Systems

  • Large-Scale Data Stores

  • Data Fusion Platforms

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Embedded Systems

  • Image Processing

  • User Experience and User Interface Design for Both Desktop and Mobile Environments

  • Self-Configuring Mesh Communications Systems

  • Low-Power Remote Sensing Systems

  • RF Engineering

  • IoT Solutions

  • Digital Simulation

  • Systems Engineering

Aerial View of a Drone
02 / Soft Skills

Our approach to engagement is to become passable domain experts for the problem field at hand.  The nature of the problems that we tend to solve are such that there are rarely existing systems available that approximate the required functionality, and as such we've evolved the ability to rapidly educate ourselves on the issues surrounding the problem space, the realities of the actors in that problem space, and the limitations imposed on the universe of possible solutions.  While we're happy to work from whatever specifications might exist, in our practice we've found that superior solutions are frequently discovered in collaboration with our customer and frequently reflect concepts that the customer hadn't considered or had thought too risky to pursue. Further, by being able to postulate the proper answer for ourselves and only having to validate it with the customer, rather than constantly asking the customer to clarify details lacking in the specifications, our ability to remain agile (even while conforming to the requirements of the Common Criteria) is greatly enhanced. 

Naturally, lessons learned in solving problems in a space remain with us, giving us a leg up when it comes to creating financial systems, solutions for precision agriculture, trend analysis and failure prediction, food distribution, and utility metering and failure prediction systems.

Machine Sketch
03 / Portfolio

A / Software & Systems

01 / Big Data - Our experience with large databases and non-relational data management technologies, data mining and visualization tools coupled with our HPC expertise can help you find useful solutions to your Big Data problems.

02 / Trusted Systems

Our experience with trustability began with the early 1980's draft of the Orange Book and hasn't stopped. Risk assessment and appropriate mediation is baked into every solution we deliver and it doesn't end at the edge of the technology fabric; our expertise extends to physical security, policies and procedures, event management, business continuity and operational concerns.

03 / Financial Systems

We have deep experience in front- and middle-office systems for the trading of fixed income securities, including electronic offering and execution systems, pricing and ticker plants, ECN routing and trade discovery; we also have experience with retail banking systems (including customer-facing on-line banking) and auction systems.

04 / E-Commerce

We can build your cusomter shopping engine, load your product data and integrate it all with your inventory, accounting and shipping systems. Our solutions are sustainable and work well with the leading ERP systems avaailable. We go beyond integration and help you study your traffic patterns to increase sales.

05 / Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering

We've been doing AI since the early 1980's, and have watched as others over-promised and under-delivered  in this space.  AI has in fact been a driver of much of our technology portfolio, as one needs the ability to fuse large amounts of data to gain necessary context, harness significant computing power, and interact with the environment in order to produce useful results.

06 / High Performance Computing

We've been building high performance distributed computing systems since the 1980s. Whether you need a private cluster capable of cloud bursting built on commercial or open source tools optimized for sequencing, fluid dynamics or similar fixed applications, a self-healing, self-reconfiguring goal-seeking cluster build on our autonomous computing SOA or simply a high performance distributed file system we have the skills and experience necessary to help you evaluate and deploy the most appropriate solution to your problem and constraints. We can help with the physical side as well; packaging, power distribution, thermal management, high performance (Infiniband/iWarp) networking, cluster management, instrumentation and tuning -- soup to nuts, we do it all.

B / Hardware

C / Consulting

01 / Remote sensing

Low power remote sensing nodes and self-organizing wireless networks.

02 / RF Engineering

Antenna and transmission line design, transmitter, amplifier, and receiver design, as well as supporting services, such as
modeling and layout.



01 / Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Our staff has over five years of experience in developing, building and implementing enterprise-wide business continuity programs for financial services companies ranging in size from domestic start-ups to multibillion dollar global enterprises. Additionally, because even the best laid plans don’t execute themselves, we have decades of experience in incident and availability management, so we can help you manage any possible loss event.

02 / Technology Audit or Management

Assuring that your technology team is performing at full capacity and with industry best practices is essential for startups who rely heavily on technology delivery. With over a century of combined technology experience, we can discreetly analyze your technology architecture, data security, technology cost and developer performance.

03 / Operational Analysis

Operational process efficiency is essential to maintaining cost efficiency and maximizing organization scalability. As organizations build out new processes, it is essential to get it right the first time as internal and external process transformation can be difficult.

04 / User Experience Design

With decades of product management experience, especially with web-based financial services, we are well positioned to analyze a business model and inject implementable ideas.

04 / A Sample of Previous Clients
05 / Previous Projects

A/ Our experience blankets a vast array of fields and systems:

  • Fixed Income Trading Systems

  • Online Banking Systems

  • Mobile Apps

  • Business Workflow Automation

  • E-commerce, Inventory and Shipping Systems

  • Trusted Systems

  • Multi-site International Infrastructure Architecture

  • Banking and Payment Selections and Integration

  • New Operations Architecture and Process Transformation

  • Embedded Devices

  • RF Design

  • High Performance Computing

  • Board Design

  • Manufacturing Management

B/ A sample of our many projects:


This privately held Saas firm sought an advanced analytics to drive automation of utility system operations as well as predictive maintenance and revenue assurance and a rebuild of the internal development team to assist in delivery of the technical solution with the goal of ultimately assuming ownership of the technology.

Use Case I

Privately Held Saas Firm


This large asset management firm sought help designing and deploying a system capable of allocating and rebalancing hundreds of thousands of portfolios using complex and extensible allocation strategies that honor portfolio-specific constraints while rolling up risk in near-real-time.

Use Case III

Large Asset Management Firm


This publicly held equity trading house had a desire to branch out into trading of non-exotic fixed income instruments and with a recent large-dollar purchase of equity matching engine technology needed to demonstrate utility to investors.

Use Case II

Equity Trading Firm

You Dream & We Make It Happen.


If you're trying to solve a difficult problem that directly impacts the human condition, or need guidance to building a complex hardware or software system, it's possible that we can help create a suitable solution. We are always open to new partnerships, so Let's Talk.

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