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     "Our purpose is to help others deliver solutions to problems that they have identified."

01 / Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help others deliver solutions to problems that they have identified.  We're not a power-by-the-hour body shop, nor are we the domestic answer to an outsourcing firm, rather we help identify the most appropriate solution to our customer's problem, and then either deliver that solution, lateral that solution to whomever is specified, or provide the activation energy needed to help others realize the solution. This being the case, we're not looking to invent jobs for ourselves at our customer's expense; the goal is to get in, get to done, transfer responsibility, and get back out.  While limited proof-of-concept or pure design efforts may last between six weeks to six months, historically our engagements have typically run between 18 months and four years.

" remind me of a cross between The Red Adair Organization and Jeff Beck.  You jump into a problem, address it quickly, and then go back to doing other things with your lives..."
Computer Robot
02 / Work-For-Hire

All engagements are considered work-for-hire, that is the part of the work product that is paid for by the customer is the property of the customer.  That said, we have an extensive collection of distributed computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning components that we can provide as part of our solution under a perpetual, royalty-free license, subject to it not being used outside the solution we provide.  This provides significant risk reduction, but precludes the customer from using our IP in any unrelated or derivative work without being granted a license to do so.

All projects are negotiated fee against a negotiated statement of work.  In keeping with our mission statement, significant discount may be offered for problems that we find particularly interesting or worthy.

You Dream & We Make It Happen.


If you're trying to solve a difficult problem that directly impacts the human condition, or need guidance to building a complex hardware or software system, it's possible that we can help create a suitable solution. We are always open to new partnerships, so Let's Talk.

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