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About Us

     "In specific, we seek to address problems in the areas of food, water, shelter, energy, and finance."

01 / Our Story

In 1995, a group of Silicon Valley engineers with backgrounds encompassing hardware design, RF engineering, operating systems design, information security, language and compiler design, database internals, distributed computing, artificial intelligence and human factors, came together to try to answer a deceptively simple question:

02 / What Do We Do Next?

With experience in the Valley dating back to the early 1980's, there was no lack of opportunities, but therein lay the problem: A job must be more than simply trading expertise for money, and in our collective estimation, no points are awarded for solving materially the same problem twice.  What was needed was an interesting problem, but one grounded in the reality of our fellow humans; a problem that, if solved, would positively impact the lives of others.  Further rumination revealed a shared truth: all involved were exceptionally good at solving problems presented to us, but generally miserable at recognizing problems in need of a solution.  Clearly we weren't going to be a product company, we were going to be the people behind the curtain that solved problems for others.

Engineering Plans
Electronic Circuit
Solar Panels
Close Up of Corn Field

With that in mind, we set out to find interesting problems.  Machine analysis of remote sensing data from national assets turned up.  Someone was trying to make object stores sexy.  Another was trying to take microkernel architectures mainstream with a very expensive machine. 

None of it really appealed.  The necessary condition of being interesting was being satisfied, but these things failed the other condition of being grounded in the reality of our fellow humans.  They were all, for want of a better term, First World problems, and the realization of this led us to our mission statement:

03 / Applying Advanced Technology To Problems of The Human Condition

In specific, we seek to address problems in the areas of food, water, shelter, energy, and finance.  Today, our data fusion and artificial intelligence technologies back systems that minimize loss in water systems while maximizing revenue,  maximize farmer ROI while minimizing inputs and avoiding the development of resistance while also allowing agronomists, plant pathologists, and chemists to track the emergence of pests and resistance, and provide alternative forms of finance for small to medium size businesses as well as the unbanked consumer. Technology from our sister companies provides low cost, cleaner burning, heating and cooking solutions to the developing world, performs research in sustainable agriculture, and provides easy to deploy self-contained energy production and communications nodes for disaster recovery.

If you're trying to solve a difficult problem that directly impact the human condition, it's possible that we can help create a suitable solution, as we have done for others in the past.
04/ Our Core Team

Christian brings 38 years of professional experience in the design and development of complex software systems, including
pioneering work in the R&D...


Christian Kennedy, Ph.D.


Daniel brings 25 years of professional experience in the design and implementation of resilient, scalable distributed systems, with an emphasis on infrastructure for large scale...

Principle Staff Engineer

Daniel Keller


Ross brings over 30 years of experience in the design and implementation of distributed systems, with specific expertise with
trusted and high-availability architectures...

Distinguished Staff Engineer & Chief of Technical Staff

Ross Thomas


Todd brings 18 years of QA and development engineering management, with specific emphasis on test automation and support for build-to-test methodologies in the financial...

Director of Quality

Todd Brawn


Adam brings 14 years of end-to-end development experience with specific emphasis on front-end systems across a wide
range of technologies; his interests are focused...

Senior Software Engineer & EU Lead

Adam Layburn


Emily brings more than a decade of UI/UX experience, along with digital media, graphic design and brand development for
online, print and social media campaigns...

Senior UX & Branding Designer

Emily Clibourn

05/ Senior Staff

George brings over 35 years of Business Development, Sales, and Sales Executive Management in the areas of Semiconductor and High Performance Computing.

Sr. VP, Business Development

George R. Ellis


Edward has 35 years professional experience and has founded companies like Abritrage Software, Inc. and Kestrel Technologies.

Director of Exchange Products

Edward L. Bishop III, MBA


Michael has 15 years professional experience in financial technology management in retail institutional banking spaces.

Director of Project Management

Michael Walker


Kesley brings close to four years of first-line customer support and project management support, all of it gained while working with the core team.

Project Management & Customer Support

Kelsey Perkins


Peter has 30 years professional experience as a parallel, distributed and DSP-based systems architect and domain expert for image processing.

Principle Staff Engineer

Peter MacLeod


John has 40 years professional experience as a hardware/software and mixed RF, analog and digital design engineer.

Senior Staff Analog Engineer

John Lawson


Toby brings over 25 years of development experience with emphasis on architecture, back end implementation and machine learning. Toby started working with the team in 2017...

Principle Staff Engineer

Toby Thain

You Dream & We Make It Happen.


If you're trying to solve a difficult problem that directly impacts the human condition, or need guidance to building a complex hardware or software system, it's possible that we can help create a suitable solution. We are always open to new partnerships, so Let's Talk.

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